Islamic Counselling

So whatever thing you have been given - it is but [for] enjoyment of the worldly life. But what is with Allah is better and more lasting for those who have believed and upon their Lord rely [...] and whose affair is [determined by] consultation among themselves.

(Quran 42: 36 and 38)

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Individual Counselling
(regular fee) 

380 SEK (~35€) for 60 min

Individual Counselling
(reduced fees)

270 SEK (~25€) for 60 min
(for students and unemployed)

Family/Marital Counselling
(≥2 persons)

490 SEK (~45€) for 60 min

What is Islamic Counselling?

Unlike secular counsellors, Islamic counsellors consider the soul as the essence of the human being. The soul is in need of a good relationship to Allah. All actions, thoughts, intentions, and emotions should aim to gain the pleasure of Allah. That is the only way to gain real happiness, inner peace, and mental well-being.

Islamic Counselling, however, does not contradict science. Science and empirical evidence are used as a secondary source of knowledge which allows an even better understanding of how to apply certain methods and techniques derived from the Quran and Sunnah. It also helps understand which methods and techniques may be the most effective to applied for a particular client.


Islamic Counsellors are educated both in counselling psychology and Islamic studies. 

Do you want to learn more about Islamic counselling and Islamic psychology? Then you can watch the videos below.

What can the IFI help me with?

We offer Islamic Counselling for individuals, couples, and families regarding many common issues. These issues range from lack of contentment in one's life to depression and bereavement and from premarital counselling to guidance regarding divorce.

Please find a short list of examples of problems that we can help you with.

Individual Counselling

Lack of contentment in on's life

Feeling of being stuck in life





Physical or mental Abuse

Certain addictions

Sihr, evil eye, possession


Marital Counselling

Pre-marital counselling

General marital issues


Intimate issues

Certain disorders and conditions affecting marital life

Guidance regarding divorce


Family Counselling

Parenting Coaching

Parent-child relations

Mother-in-law vs. Daugher-in-law

Guidance regarding divorce with children

Coping with health issues of children and parents


Counselling for Caregivers


How does a Counselling Session take place?

The counselling sessions at the International Falah Institute take place through video call. This allows the counsellor to offer the best service possible to clients all over the world.

Each session takes 60 minutes (unless something else is agreed upon by both the client and the counsellor). The client gets a reminder message about 10 to 15 minutes before the session starts so that the client can prepare for the session.

The client should be as comfortable as possible. Many sisters like to wear hijab, some clients like to have a cup of tea or coffee during the counselling session.

The initial session is meant to allow the client and the counsellor to get to know each other and to develop trust. Therefore, the initial session is formless and the client decides what he/she wants to talk about and what he/she would like to ask about.

Depending on the complexity of the problem that is to be discussed, a counselling plan will be made together with the client after the 2nd or 3rd session which will be acted upon during the following sessions. The complete counselling process is the team work of both the client and the counselling

How many sessions are needed depends on the clomplexity of the problem. It may cary from 2 or 3 sessions for simple guidance to about 15 sessions in the case of depression.

Do you have more questions? Please, feel free to contact us and ask us about anything.