Lord, Increase me

in knowledge!

Courses at different levels should enable every Muslim to seek knowledge. This knowledge will help Muslims to prevent and solve problems related to marriage, parenthood and family. The courses have a strong focus on Islam and are taught by qualified ulama (scholars of Islam).




Starting Jan 4th 2021

This 2-years-certification will prepare you for serving the ummah in the best way and give you the tools and knowledge to help Muslim families overcome their problems.

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Starting soon

Hand in Hand Towards Paradise inshâAllâh

This short course will introduce you to the topics of Islamic Family Counselling. It gives an overview of the common problems in Muslim families and how to tackle them.


Starting soon

40 Hadith an-Nawawi & Parenting

This 6 months course will enable you to understand the narrations that Imam Nawawi had collected in order to explain the basic principles of Islam and how to teach them to children.

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